Tales from the hummbleBee Hive

You might have noticed our absence these last few years.  Then again, maybe you didn’t.  It’s been a very weird world and life for many of us has been many things… but “typical” and “predictable” don’t really make the list.  If you haven’t wondered whatever became of your friendly neighborhood patchwork vendors, it is understandable. … Read more

First you decide what you’ve gotta do, then you go out and do it.


It has been, undeniably, a turbulent and polarizing time on our Earth lately.  In such times we find ourselves grasping for the things we can do that will make a difference. When we asked ourselves what our meager family could do to offer a little aid, the answer seemed clear: Resist. Create. Unite. These little patches … Read more

Welcome Home!


We haven’t been terribly active these last couple of years, due to the high demands of parenting and various health difficulties. Currently we are preparing to post a bunch of new hats and some other goodies, and we should be able to keep you all more updated on our well-being and creative endeavors! Hope you … Read more

Finger Labyrinth Meditation Pillows


The Labyrinth is an ancient path of meditation and enlightenment. As a person who is always short on time, as well as full-time parent/teacher/caregiver to a small child with particularly Big Feelings, I couldn’t have been more excited when I came up with this idea last year. These little embroidered labyrinth designs adorn the tops of small … Read more