A Totoro Family Portrait on a Hoodie

In our previous update, we showed you pictures of 3-year-old Jubilee in the hoodie we made her.  Now, hers was actually a follow-up project after I finished one of the most epic hoodies I’ve ever made.

Wait, maybe some background will help here.  We love Studio Ghibli and all of their films.  Especially close to us has always been the sweet My Neighbor Totoro.  When I made Ian’s last hoodie in spring of 2007 (just before we were married!) I designed a “Steal Your Totoro” (or maybe “Totoro Your Face”) applique for it, combining a most beloved Ghibli Character with a most beloved band (The Grateful Dead often make appearances in our hoodies)….

Steal Your Totoro Hoodie
Steal Your Totoro

Well, he’s been sporting that coat with love for a long time now so I started planning to make him something new.  Over the years and as our family has changed and grown our love for Ghibli has done so as well.  I wanted to reflect that by making Ian a wearable “family portrait”.  Jubilee always tells us that Papa Ian is “The biggest Totoro” and that she and I are the Chibi and Chu Totoros respectively.

So here we are GROWWWWWWWing together.  Soot Sprites are disappearing into his front pockets and the Space Coyote is looking down on us just for good measure (and a shout-out to another favorite  of ours – The Simpsons)…. This is all hand-drawn, hand-pieced and freehand machine appliqued.

Ian's Totoro HoodieIan's Totoro HoodieIan's Totoro HoodieIan's Totoro HoodieIan's Totoro HoodieIan's Totoro Hoodie

Ian's Totoro Hoodie

Thanks for checking out our work, guys!  We will be updating again soon; check back in the next few days for more news as well as more for-sale items.  In the meantime, since we’ve been talking hoodies – check out what we already have done.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    It has been a long time since I have ran across you two. I am the older fellow with the handlebar mustache that purchased your Lightning bolt patchwork shorts back at horning’s when your child was just born. I get shout out about your work all the time…like you said I would. I have been a good advertisement for your work. Your new hoodies look pretty cool and I have been wondering if you still might consider a pair of overalls like you may have done in the past. Keep me posted on your current stock for the above mentioned items or let me know if we might get something commissioned to start on for me? Look forward to hearing back from you.



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