Kid’s Clothes


Generally, the biggest category of new clothing I have on my mind to design this year is also the smallest: baby clothes.  Bigger kid clothes, too.  But our sweetpea being the inspiration that she is, baby clothes will be the first out the gate.

I remember just after we found out I was pregnant last fall we only told a very few people aside from immediate family.  One who found out right away – our good friend Peacock – immediately referred to my expanding middle as our “little patchwork baby” and I knew right away how our hummbleBee designs would be growing this year.  We didn’t know until she was born whether she’d be a girl or a boy.  But talking to friends during my pregnancy, I was blown away by all the people who mentioned how well-dressed our kid was going to be, and how they couldn’t wait to see the kid’s clothes we’d be making.

…. Wait, we’re making kid’s clothes now?

Well, yeah, I guess we are.  And how could we resist with such a cutie patootie to get dressed every day?

So far, the extent of our playing around has been a few baby girl dresses, and a couple of hats…

J, wearing pokadot and patchwork Here is Jubilee wearing her first patchwork, at her first festival! She also has a little hat on – hard to see, but it’s like a little bandana with a brim to shade her head and face.
Bug dress Here she is wearing a later version.  It has little poofy sleeves, a sash (with room to grow!) and a split back with bias tape edging and a plastic snap.
Dress back Second dress from the back.


Now that I’ve got a taste for it I love making kiddy clothes and baby patchwork, and have lots of ideas to try out!  I have some other ideas for little dresses, and I want to play around with them a little more.  Of course, we don’t want to leave little boys (or their families!) out of the fun, so next on our list to design is baby overalls!  

We also have some great ideas for hats that we hope you’ll see around here soon.

And if clothing isn’t enough – we have some other great ideas for toys, diapers, and more!  Have I mentioned that Jubilee is a source of never-ending inspiration?  Now all we need is clones, so we can make all these things and still spend all the time with her that we want!

Is there any special, hip-baby clothing or gear you are hoping we’ll come up with?  Let us know!

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