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Looking back, it’s impossible for me to pinpoint the time when I recognized my affinity with the Goddess form.  It seems like She’s always been in the forefront of my mind.

This winter, it has been 12 years since I began working with hot glass.  I remember toward the very beginning, when I would allow myself time at the start of every torch session to play and make “mud puddles” – melting and squishing and twisting the glass to my heart’s content.  It helped to relax me into the work, helped me to get a feel for the flow of hot glass, and was a great “warm up” of sorts before I started to get serious about learning different techniques I could apply to my new favorite medium.

The first forms I remember developing, and recognizing, in glass, were Goddesses.  Always in different poses and with different personalities and attitudes.  Most often I remember seeing her for a fleeting moment in the fire while just playing around.  She wasn’t ready to stay yet, but she would show herself in those glimpses and I kept her always in my mind.

It was a while before I felt called to draw a goddess out of the fire and bring her into the world.  The first one I can remember making was one I turned into a necklace with a matching set of beads, and when they saw it, my very supportive Dad immediately bought it for my own Mom.  How appropriate that still feels to me, that she wears the first!

Mom’s Goddess

I made more, occasionally, when the moment struck me.  I began occasionally making “concentration” pieces; I would read intensely for a day or two about a particular deity before attempting to bring that particular aspect of the goddess to form in my flame.

Surprisingly, even though I love to wear examples of my own glass work, I didn’t wear these particular pieces.  They didn’t feel like they were mine.  They slowly found their proper homes with other admirers.

After I’d been creating these forms for a few years, I found myself with one particular goddess in my glass case that I couldn’t ever seem to take my hands or eyes off of.  For whatever reason I was especially drawn to this one and always seemed to be worrying my fingers over her curves whenever she was around.  Finally, I put her on a chain and wore her every day. I still don’t know exactly what it was about this piece that attracted me, but she is mine and for me.

My goddess

After a year or two of getting more attached to this piece than I ever get, to anything I make – I couldn’t find my goddess.  I was devastated!  I just didn’t feel right without wearing that necklace.  She was missing for a couple of months until Ian found her (behind our bed frame, I think – she must have fallen off my night stand) and delivered her back to me.

About a week later, I was pregnant with Jubilee.

It is so hard for me, now, to separate my attachment to that goddess form from the impossible-to-summarize experience of becoming a Mama to a daughter.  From the time Jubilee could reach and grasp this was one of the first objects she held for comfort.

Baby J Holding a Goddess

For safety reasons, I took an extended time off from torch work while I was pregnant and had a wee one continually at my breast.  But those goddesses stayed in my mind and I felt more called to them than ever.  As soon as I returned to my work with glass, I found that I was wanting to make more and more.

Enter the goddesses, Fresh from their long sleep” – Ani DiFranco, Woe Be Gone

Jubilee still loves to touch and hold my goddess pendant when we snuggle, when we read books together, and when we nurse.  (Yeah, you read that right – even 3.5 years later we still do that at least a couple times a day.)  But now, at her request, she also has her own.

Jubilee’s Goddess

Please take a look at some of the Goddesses Linnea has up for sale right now. They make great gifts for the Mamas in your life! 

Enter the Goddesses!

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