Finger Labyrinth Meditation Pillows

The Labyrinth is an ancient path of meditation and enlightenment.

As a person who is always short on time, as well as full-time parent/teacher/caregiver to a small child with particularly Big Feelings, I couldn’t have been more excited when I came up with this idea last year.

These little embroidered labyrinth designs adorn the tops of small aromatherapy meditation pillows.  The idea began as a way to teach our daughter Jubilee some techniques for meditation, and it has turned into a favorite tool for our whole family to help with relaxation.

I try to spend a little time with mine every day.  Jubilee snuggles with hers and fingers it at night when she’s having a hard time making her body still for sleep.  Recently, I’ve had some health issues and have found mine incredibly useful for helping me maintain calm during an MRI scan.


Walk the path of this “Little Labyrinth” with your fingers. Steady your breathing and inhale the sweet scent of calming aromatic herbs. These pillows can be an aid to the busiest among us as a tool and reminder to slow down and calm our minds, even if just for a moment. Also an ideal way to teach meditative techniques to children of all ages.

9 thoughts on “Finger Labyrinth Meditation Pillows”

  1. Just wondering if these pillows are still available? I’m a teacher from Ballarat Victoria and would like to purchase some some for a meditation/mindfulness area in my classroom.

    • Thank you so much for asking! We just made more pillows/restocked them, so I definitely have some I could send off. I’d need to add extra $ for shipping, and I’m not sure exactly how much as I’ve never shipped to Australia. I can research it and get back to you with an invoice to make paying easy – but I need to know how many you’d like me to send along so I can have an accurate weight.

      Just let me know. 🙂 Thanks again for your interest!

  2. I am also interested in these beautiful meditation pillows. I facilitate wellbeing programs in a school in NSW Australia. I would be interested in approx. 10 if you still have them available?

  3. Interested in these pillows too!
    Just need info on cost and contact.
    I make labyrinths in clay. Can send a photo if you are interested…

  4. Fabulous idea. I am English but live in Turkey where we made a walking labyrinth for our guests – we have a yoga/healing retreat. Do you still make these to sell?

    What a beautiful name for your daughter, Jubilee, awesome 🙂


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