Custom Show-Off of the Week: Uncle Peacock’s Epic Tophat

I said before that we haven’t gotten much done lately, even for custom work.  Well, this one was a long time coming.  When he went to the Furthur New Year’s festivities in San Fracisco 2010/2011, our dear friend and Brother, Peacock, had an idea for a tophat he wanted to wear the following New Year.  He brought the idea to us the following week, and it was so epic that it took us the rest of the year to meditate on it, design it, and bring it to fruition.  Just in time to deliver it to him IN LINE for the Leftover Salmon/ Fruition show this New Year’s.  Without doubt, this is the most amazing thing I’ve made in years.  I don’t like tooting my own horn, so I’ll just say I’m very happy with it and leave you with pictures….


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