Custom Projects in the Works

Life is crazy and hectic, and these days 99% of our time is filled with parenting, but we still manage to sew every now and then.  We will do our best to post pictures and updates often to let you all know what we’ve been up to.  We’ve been trying to catch up on custom projects.  These are all appliques in progress for custom hoodies and overalls.  Eventually, we will actually finish the dang things!  

Doug Irwin Wolf for the back of ou buddy TJ’s hoodie

Irwin Wolf Applique


Applique in-progress for Kellee’s hoodie.

Kellee's Flower of Life


Jubilee likes it!

Jubilee and Kellee's Flower


Jubilee really likes the flower of life I made for Brother Bliss’s overalls.  

Jubilee with Brother Bliss's Flower

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