Pins and a Hoodie

As the season has plugged along we are still trying to wrap up our custom projects… It is a slow but sure process and we’ve actually managed to get a few things done.  Still have lots left, though.

In the meantime, we’ve been fulfilling our hankering for designing with drawing and having pins and stickers made.  Since we only design those, and don’t make them with our own hands, we’ve put them for sale on a subdomain:  Keep your eyes peeled and we’ll try to keep you updated! 

I only have so long with my hands free before our girl wakes up – so I’d better get back to sewing while I can.  I’ll leave you all with a picture of a custom project that was long in coming.  This is a hoodie for our brother TJ.  So glad to have finally finished it so we can see it on him!

TJ in his hoodie!

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