New Site, And some actual content this time!

We have had a busy…. oh, four or so years I guess. 😉

Now that we finally have the site rebuilt we will be restocking the store in the coming days and weeks and will finally have things running smoothly again! In the meantime, we’ll also begin to post some “teaser” pictures of our own family sporting the original threads we live in every day.

One big project for me this Spring was the making of new hoodies/coats for the family.  Well, really it was the one I’ve been owing to Ian for so long.  When I finally finished his, one of the first things Jubilee said to me was “When are we going to work on MY Totoro hoodie?” Here she is keeping warm in it.

Jubilee in her hoodie
Jubilee in her patchwork hoodie – Nekobus patch on breast, Totoro on the back.
Jubilee's Totoro Patchy Coat
Jubilee’s Totoro Patchy Coat

Next time I will show you the insanity that is Ian’s hoodie!

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