Custom Hoodies

Custom Medusa/SeminoleInterested in a custom hoodie?

We often make these as custom items, so they can be tailored to better fit the people who will wear them.

Take a look over this and then let us know what you think. All hoodies are serged and straight-stitched and generally contain two stash pockets and one front pocket (two if a zipper is added).

The most difficult part of doing custom hoodies/coats online is getting the fit just right. During this process, we depend entirely on the accuracy of your measurements. We have worked out a very detailed measuring instructions (Note: This file requires Adobe Acrobat).

If you have something special in mind that we haven’t mentioned here, just contact us and we’ll figure it out. We’re very flexible and we love to work with new ideas!

Below is a price list for the available hoodie options.

The body/base of the hoodie is approximately 5 yards of fabric. Colors are limited to stock on hand; see current color list. We usually work with corduroy, and that’s what these prices are based on. If there is some other fabric you simply must have, let us know and we’ll see what we can do (be aware that the prices are likely to change).


Custom zip-up with pathwork trim and appliquesAfter you’ve looked over the options and prices, the next step is to contact us and tell us what you’re interested in. Because of it’s nature, custom work takes a little bit of back-and-forth correspondence before we can get started. To be honest, sometimes the best way to work it is to figure out how much you can budget for your winter-wear investment and I will fit in the most work for the money! To move things along a little faster, you may want to start looking at the measurement procedure.

Please be patient with us during this process – you will be happy with the end results!  We’ll let you know as soon as we can how long you can expect to wait.  Production times will depend on our current schedule, upcoming shows, and the orders we already have pending.

Body Options:

$50 Plain solid corduroy hoodie pullover
$90 Solid hoodie pullover with multicolor stripe trim (picture)
$90 Hoodie pullover with checkered patchwork body (picture)
$150 Solid body with patchwork trim (picture)
and up
Solid body with ‘Super-Sweet’ patchwork trim (Seminole, Chevrons, Latticework, etc)
This price range is determined by the intricacy of the patchwork, size of patches, pattern chosen, etc.  Let us know what you can fit in your budget and we’ll tell you what we can do!
and up
Full patchwork pullover
By “Full patchwork” I mean multicolored patchwork in random colors and patterns. The price range is determined by the intricacy of the patchwork and the time involved in creating it.  If you have further questions, or a specific color scheme in mind let us know and we will see what we can do.

Liner Options:

Add a liner of your choice to your new hoodie! We do have a good fabric store at my disposal and we can usually accommodate your needs!

$45 Fully lined with high quality lightweight cotton
Kona, Egyptian Cotton, Sateen, etc.  Organics and hemp could be available on request, for an additional fee.
$45 Fully lined with cozy flannel
$70 Fully lined with fleece

Other Options:

$25 Add zipper
Custom glass buttons (simple, colored)
Custom glass buttons (dichroic)
and up
Extra outside pockets
Price range depends on the intricacy of the patchwork.
Extra stash pockets
Internal coat hand pockets
Breast pocket (Specify size)
& up
Custom Appliqué
Price depends on intricacy of design and time involved.  Contact us with questions and we can give you examples.


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