5 Mushroom Pendants

5 Mushroom Pendants


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Mushrooms are available in these colors, and many more! I can make these little shrooms in just about any color of the rainbow (the only part of the color spectrum that’s difficult is purple-to-pink) – they sell great in a store and they look awesome tied on hemp or as earrings. Size is approximately 1 inch long by 1/2 an inch wide (size varies). Most holes (unless otherwise ordered/specified) are about 4mm. We can sell them individually, but if you buy in bulk you’ll get a great wholesale deal. If you have color requests, please submit them in the write-in field when you submit your order.

Please contact us with any specific color requests and we will do our best to comply.

Please note that these are custom items. We will make every effort to fill even the large orders within 4 weeks, and we will contact you as soon as possible with an estimated date of delivery.

1 for $6
5 for $25
25 for $100
50 for $150
100 for $250


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