Disco Paisley 5T

Disco Paisley 5T


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Sweet 3 tiered super spinney dress for a special little mama.  The top/bodice portion is a polka-dotted paisley pin-wale corduroy print.  Electric bright green and blue colors.  Trigangle-patched pocket on the front.

I would estimate the size about 5-6T.  Modeled here on Jubilee who is about 3.5 and it’s pretty long on her, but not badly.  There’s plenty of room in the bodice for it to fit for years. Exact measurements are below.

Bodice is 28 inches around
Ties at the back for best fit

Length is 27 inches from shoulder to bottom
Spins out to 80+ inches

Jubilee calls these “Ballerina Dresses”.  🙂


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