Finger Labyrinth Meditation Pillow

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The Labyrinth is an ancient path of meditation and enlightenment.

Walk the path of this “Little Labyrinth” with your fingers. Steady your breathing and inhale the sweet scent of calming aromatic herbs. These pillows can be an aid to the busiest among us as a tool and reminder to slow down and calm our minds, even if just for a moment. Also an ideal way to teach meditative techniques to children of all ages.

In addition to fragrant organic herbs it is stuffed also with organic flax seed, which is wonderfully retentive of heat and cold.  So in addition to being an aid to meditation it can also be microwaved or put in the freezer for a while for hot or cold therapy on bumps and bruises.  Each pillow is scented with a slightly different combination of herbs and oils, but most have some amount of lavender, chamomile, hops, frankincense resin, and peppermint.

We have a variety of fabric and thread color combinations available. Pictured here are a few examples of our current color choices.  If you are hoping for a specific color of thread or fabric, please include that information in “Order Notes” at checkout, and we’ll do our best to choose the right one for you.  Each pillow has satin on the back, with a different color of fabric and thread on the front.

About 5.5 inches square.

7-5-2016 Update:
As we restock this item, we also want to mention that we now have some unscented ones as well.  I can’t promise that they are entirely hypoallergenic, but I did my very best by filling them with only whole organic flax seed and no added flowers, herbs or scents.  After these were made and before I opened up all the “smelly stuff” I individually vacuum-sealed this batch.  If you would like an unscented one, please include that request in your “order notes”.  Thank you!

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Earth Tones, Blues, Purple, Gold, Black/Grey

2 reviews for Finger Labyrinth Meditation Pillow

  1. Eric Monroe

    What a clever idea my friends. I love this concept!

  2. Mason

    I have very bad bipolar and anxiety and this little pillow that I received from my mother as a gift is amazing to help re ground and calm down I’d recommend 9/10

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