Spinney Dresses for Little Mamas

Little Bird 5T Peachy Dress

We are getting into the swing of things with the new website!  Finally caught up for the time being on our sale listings.  Please click around to see all that we have!   Especially worth checking out are the Kid’s Dresses and we wanted to point them out to you.  Jubilee sure did enjoy trying them … Read moreSpinney Dresses for Little Mamas

Sweet Small Dresses for Sweet Small Kids!

At long last, we are getting some kiddo clothing posted for sale on our website, beginning today with little dresses for the under 2 crowd.  We want to tell you a little about these.  For the most part what we have so far is peasant dresses and tops.  We love the versatility of these dresses. … Read moreSweet Small Dresses for Sweet Small Kids!